Hi, I'm Meghan

I design my life around meaningful impact through a lens of healthy living and have spent the past 7 years coaching and educating in the physical literacy and movement arena.

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What I Do.

I've maintained my personal training education throughout my career and launched my own business, allowing me to work with incredible training clients and corporate wellness initiatives.

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Custom Programming
All services include a 30 minute assessment, weekly check-in’s and a comprehensive four week training plan.

Meghan uses her clinical and corporate experience with mental health and movement interventions to educate and empower your clients.

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Read some client testimonials, or click through the link below to read more.

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  • I simply cannot express how much Meghan has - and still is - helping me on my journey. Specifically the two-weeks after every chemotherapy session where I often felt to weak to move, Meghan was able to coach me through gentle movements, and modify exercises so I had the ability to work up to them. She has gone above and beyond in every regard, and there is no way I would have been where I currently am in my rehab, had it not been for her support and encouragement.

    Serena P.

    Surrey, BC

  • Meghan is honest and straight forward in a way that is assuring, encouraging, and confidence building. Besides becoming physically stronger, she's helped me replace all doubts with full confidence in my own abilities.

    Linda B.

    Chilliwack, BC

  • I’ve played competitive sports my entire life, but focusing on building muscle and gaining strength has been new to me this past year. No longer do I read those ridiculous women’s magazines that promise “toned arms” in 10 days. I am no longer a slave to endless cardio and food deprivation and instead walk confidently through the weight room with all of the guys. I only hope that I can inspire other women, just like Meghan has inspired me.

    Dori-Anna T.

    Surrey, BC