Cinco De Mayo Workout

In Workouts by Meghan Burrows

May 5, 2020

Pre-COVID. Last years annual Cinco De Mayo Celebration.

Cinco de Mayo! Kicked it off by teaching a 7am class on a Livestream for the MVMT Challenge. 

The workout (not put together by me) was interesting, 20 mins on the clock and get as many reps as possible. 

External Shoulder Rotations with DBs x 100

Air Squats x 125

Oblique Crunches x 75/side

Skips x 200

We got in 605 reps before the time was up and I was so happy with that. I always leave teaching on this high. It’s not the same one I get from attending a workout class, it’s different and in my opinion, more powerful. It sets the tone for a positive mindset to the day and everything seems a bit more possible. I believe teaching is a bit like opening a tap of enthusiasm and when you teach, the pressure is all the way up and it’s a steady flow. As we walk out the door from a one on one and back to our desk, it slows to a trickle but doesn’t turn off. That is the effect that people have on people and it is the sole reason why I choose to train part time instead of full time. I love the effect but know that the impact is strongest in those 45-60 minutes and I want to work on things all day long that have impact that can sustain itself and make more people healthy over a longer period of time. 

So I don’t feel like I have a “side-hustle” when I coach in person, 6-10 hours per week and do other work for the remaining 50 hours. In my down time, in my office hours I also lead by example and my personality is the same, my passion for movement is the same. I am constantly reading literature and articles that keep me aware of how much I don’t know and also, how hard it must be for the general public to decipher half of this crap. 

Changing up my lifestyle and methods as I know better, encourages clients, family and friends to do the same. Out with the side-hustle and IN with embracing what you love.