The April Challenge

In Weekly Finds by Meghan Burrows

Well, here we are! I am heading into my 8th week working from home during COVID-19 and feeling extremely grateful for that privilege. I spent the last month using up most of my newfound spare time cooking and running/biking each day in the corresponding kilometers. You can read more about the Calendar Club here.
My April Challenge Stats
337kms of run/walk
231kms of cycling
6,100m of elevation
62 hours of my month exercising *this includes 2, weight/cross training sessions each week

I have committed to writing for at least 30 minutes each day and part of that is going to be in blog form. I used to love writing online and did so for about 4 years through University and when I first moved to BC. Recipes, workouts, musings, coaching-you name it, it’ll likely pop up in this forum. One of my favourite things about blogs is consistency. So in the name of that, on Friday’s-I will be posting a weekly roundup of my favourite things from the week, “The Lineup” if you will.

What kept me going through my long run this week, “Tactics for the Quarantined Athlete” from the Rich Roll podcast. You can skip past the first 10 or so minutes, because his guest check-in has nothing to do with the content of the episode. Chris Hauth is one of my favourite coaches to listen to in regards to a measured, sustainable approach to being a lifetime athlete and this episode is no exception.

The playlist that kept me grooving on my bike rides. Actually, less of a playlist and more of a vibe. Rufus du Sol, specifically “Innerbloom” just got me going this week.

My homemade carbs of choice this week to power through the final 114kms were tried and true Banana Muffins. I add in walnuts AND chocolate chips because calories are friends with endurance endeavours. Also, recommend checking them at 16 minutes because my oven is hella hot and tends to cook things much faster than expected.

The mind numbing (yet very enjoyable) book series that I downloaded after not touching fiction for years. Sophie Kinsella everything, actually-I have read four books of hers this week already. I think that when my body was so engaged every day, my typical adventure/business/development books were just too much and my mind couldn’t get past a page or two. Yet, give me some fiction set in London town? I can’t put it down until my eyes are burning before bed.

The quote that is making me think this week, “At the end of this pandemic, are you going to be the athlete that you promised you would be?” -Chris Hauth
Replace the word athlete with human, partner, co-worker, etc. and you have a pretty compelling question. Sit with it 🙂