May 24. The Struggle Bus Season

In Endurance Chat by Meghan Burrows

I have two favourite times of year for fitness. First, is the late spring because of the longer daylight hours and I begin the transition of snow sports/indoor sports to exploring mountains on fast feet. Second favourite is the fall, when I start to pile on the plates and watch my strength triple in a matter of weeks, creating density in muscles that have become leaner than normal due to more running.

The hard part about both of these seasons? They come with a month long acclimation period that consists of heavy breathing, lungs and muscles on fire and genuinely feeling like a total newb. It’s a ride on the struggle bus that comes before the long trail days, flowy descents and heavy deadlifts that no one really seems to care about. Part of being a well rounded athlete that focuses on seasonal sports means training smarter, not always harder (depending on the goal.) Since I have no races or competitions planned this year, everything is for fun! 

While I caught my breath for the 20th time going up Fromme today, smiling at my two friends but unable to say anything, I was happy. I embrace the feelings of being uncomfortable for a few weeks, because I know what it feels like to be on the other side.

That is what I want for everyone who is struggling on your first month of anything, to just stick with the struggle bus. You will be waving goodbye before you know it. I have also found the key to riding this wave with success. Book in your hard workouts, the ones you want to skip-with friends who have a great attitude and are happy to just be outside. By the time I had finished my run today, I had lined up three physically distant training sessions for the coming week, I don’t know if I’m going to feel like doing them, but I know that I’m going to show up and that’s all you need to do.