Strategizer, motivator and adventure aficionado.

I'm Meghan Burrows.
Also known as Megatron (if you’ve ever seen my race bibs...)

I design my life around meaningful impact through a lens of healthy living and have spent the past 7 years coaching and educating in the physical literacy and movement arena.

My Journey:

I started Personal Training while at Wilfrid Laurier University in 2012. After graduating with a Biology Degree, I pursued training full time in Vancouver, pulled to the West Coast by the mountains. While I enjoyed coaching, I understood that I wanted to have a deeper impact on our healthcare system and eventually integrate movement into our culture of Western Medicine.

In 2013, I went back to school and obtained a diploma as a Recreation Therapist and went on to create a Recreation Aide certificate program for the Continuing Education Department of the Burnaby School Board.

In 2016, after working with Vancouver Coastal Health to create a mental health and movement program called “Kinect”, I was part of the team who built The Exercise and Depression Toolkit endorsed by CANMAT from UBC.

Those projects lead me to my current role as a healthcare Project Coordinator and a strength coach. I maintained my personal training education throughout my career and launched my own business, allowing me to work with incredible training clients and corporate wellness initiatives.

I currently split my athletic time between powerlifting and trail running, with the occasional triathlon in there-just to keep it interesting 😉

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