20 Things I Appreciate about the Impact of COVID-19

In Weekly Finds by Meghan Burrows

May 15, 2020 Let’s be clear that I do not appreciate the virus itself, nor the havoc and loss that it has caused for the world. However, working in primary health care admin has given me a unique perspective on this pandemic, so I thought I would write them down I don’t forget. The first 10 things relate to the …

Rest Week

In Weekly Finds by Meghan Burrows

May 4, 2020 Mondays, if you were to have a literal french translation of this, it would mean “MY DAY” which has always made me like it just a little more.  Today was a heavy one, lots of work about COVID cases, deaths and stressful experiences that providers won’t have a chance to recover from. So I cut the heaviness …

The April Challenge

In Weekly Finds by Meghan Burrows

Well, here we are! I am heading into my 8th week working from home during COVID-19 and feeling extremely grateful for that privilege. I spent the last month using up most of my newfound spare time cooking and running/biking each day in the corresponding kilometers. You can read more about the Calendar Club here.My April Challenge Stats337kms of run/walk231kms of …