Meghan is honest and straight forward in a way that is assuring, encouraging, and confidence building. Besides becoming physically stronger, she’s helped me replace all doubts with full confidence in my own abilities.

Linda B.

Chilliwack, BC

I simply cannot express how much Meghan has-and still is- helping me on my journey. Specifically the two-weeks after every chemotherapy session where I often felt to weak to move, Meghan was able to coach me through gentle movements, and modify exercises so I had the ability to work up to them. Before I knew it, there was no need for my wheelchair, walker, or walking sticks. She has gone above and beyond in every regard, and there is no way I would have been where I currently am in my rehab, had it not been for her support and encouragement.

Serena P.

Surrey, BC

I’ve played competitive sports my entire life, but focusing on building muscle and gaining strength has been new to me this past year. No longer do I read those ridiculous women’s magazines that promise “toned arms” in 10 days. I am no longer a slave to endless cardio and food deprivation and instead walk confidently through the weight room with all of the guys. I only hope that I can inspire other women, just like Meghan has inspired me.

Dori-Anna T.

Surrey, BC

I started my journey in June 2014, borderline diabetic and had been recently diagnosed with PCOS. My medication consisted of progesterone and was close to being prescribed Metformin. Early September after my last round of lab work; my blood sugar levels were back in the normal range and progesterone was no longer needed as my body was cycling on its own.Meghan has been with me since day 1 and is part of my support system. She knows how to motivate, encourage, challenge and helped me succeed.

Cynthia G.

Cloverdale, BC

Meghan consistently goes the extra mile to assist people with their aspirations and goals and is able to work with people of all walks with the high standards, drive, compassion, and leadership. Meghan is proactive and professional and a pleasure to work with whether it be colleague or client.

Lorraine M.

Delta, BC

I have no doubt that Meghan can manage projects, recruit suitable participants and facilitate a program that has great potential to help improve recovery goals for mental health clients.

Judy G.

Delta, BC

Meghan has helped me build confidence, balance stress, is always providing great alternative exercises and even encouraging me through personal struggles. I believe Meghan really looks at all her clients as individuals and never approaches us in the same manner…that is what I feel is her true strength…I am so lucky to have her as my coach.

Laurie M.

North Vancouver, BC